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Cold chain logistics will move toward a common distribution
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:1989Times

       Logistics companies and industrial and commercial enterprises to form alliances, the initial segmentation cold chain cold chain transport links services provided by compartmentalization, the output targeted for improvement of logistics management and operation of the system. The cold chain transport is the key segments of the cold chain logistics, especially dairy products demanding, you need every day distribution. The quality requirements of the milk is relatively high, the special conditions of transport.

         Retail alliances with manufacturers to achieve the milk's shelf life transportation. Manufacturers of a complete set of cold chain logistics management and operational systems that can guarantee the quality of milk in transit, the establishment of direct delivery by the vendor of transportation services. Common distribution is a pursuit of the rationalization of distribution in the form of long-term development and exploration optimization, but also in the United States, Japan and other developed countries adopt more widely, the impact of a larger state-of-the-art logistics, it is to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and reduce logistics costs is important. Refrigeration Express reporter learned that, due to the low-temperature characteristics of the cold chain logistics, logistics companies to establish a separate cold chain logistics center, the high investment costs and the payback period is longer. The same characteristics of the cold chain of food, of the entire cold chain logistics industry should unite together to build the cold chain logistics and distribution center, the joint distribution of cold chain logistics industry. Today, the popular cold chain logistics, logistics companies do not want to go and cup a soup, air conditioning and refrigeration market research to understand, but some companies do not have the specialized cold chain logistics operation system, there is no cold chain logistics and distribution center, and cold chain logistics the construction of the center is a huge investment and long payback period, service projects, establishment of cold chain logistics center is clearly not suitable for them.

      These enterprises to form alliances with the social professional logistics companies and effective use of third-party logistics companies to achieve the cold chain logistics business. With the progress of the cooperation with clients to establish relations of cooperation tend to the stable, and operating experience is gained, through the continuous integration of the manufacturer's own cold chain resources, social resources and their own resources, and establish a scientific, fixed cold chain logistics management and operation of the system.


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